About Our Publications

Trust Updates is a free e-mail update service. Trust Updates initially was created to ensure that subscribers were kept aware of important events between issues. It has since expanded into a free e-mail update service available to both subscribers and nonsubscribers. Subscribers to Trust Updates receive summary information regarding trust industry performance, which is detailed in the publications below.

Trust Performance Report (TPR) is the fiduciary industry's only comprehensive source of annual and semiannual asset and revenue updates, including relevant benchmarks and metrics. Data for the annual is obtained through direct surveying. The annual provides data on the Top 1200 institutions. The semiannual updates focuses on the Top 400 data. Annual subscription rate is $1095.

Fiduciary Earnings & Expenses (FEE) is the fiduciary industry's only comprehensive source of gross revenue, net income, and expense data, including relevant metrics and benchmarks, such as productivity, profit margin, and assets needed to generate $1 of revenue. The report is an analysis of revenue, net income, and expenses of some 200 free-standing trust companies; this is then compared to bank trust divisions as well as to national trust companies. Available in September/Octobr, the report's annual subscription rate is $895.